2024 Spring Projects

We have some awesome projects planned over the next few weeks, and we hope you follow along. Below, you will find a short description of each project and its estimated timeline. We have included a schedule graphic at the bottom to help you better plan your visits with the upcoming closures. Any delays or changes will be updated on this page and sent via Belterra Blast updates. Click here to sign up to receive our email communications about these projects and other Belterra news!
Splash Pad Resurfacing - We are elated to announce that the Board has decided to remove the boulders and resurface the splash pad with a safety surface engineered specifically for aquatics called Life Floor! This project will begin with the boulder removal on March 25; therefore, the splash pad will close on this day. Weather-dependent, this project should be completed by April 16. Click here to see a drawing of the new Life Floor.
4-1-2024 Update - The boulder removal portion of this project was delayed, but the overall timeline remains the same.
4-11-2024 Update - The weather has caused some delays in completing the splash pad renovation. We are hoping to reopen the splash pad by April 24. We appreciate your patience.

Pool Deck Resurfacing - This spring, the pool deck will also receive a new coating. The entire deck will be removed, and the underlying concrete will be scarified to aid in the adhesion of the new decking material. This project is scheduled to start immediately following the pool painting and staining on or about March 25. Again, depending on the weather, this project should be done by April 10.
4-11-2024 Update - The weather has caused some delays in completing the pool deck renovation. We are hoping to reopen the pool by April 24. We appreciate your patience.
Play Pool Water Feature Renovation - The fun projects do not end there! We will also be refinishing the top of the blue “mushroom” water feature at the play pool and replacing the bucket/sprayer with a colorful tumble bucket upgrade. This project will take a little longer to achieve as the lead time for receiving the products is six to eight weeks, but the installation should not interfere with the swimming fun too much. We will keep everyone posted as to the scheduled date.
4-16-2024 Update - The crews began sanding off the old paint in preparation for painting the "mushroom."

Rec Center/Retreat Painting & Staining - The Rec Center/Retreat painting and staining project will begin on March 18 with the wood trim and trellises at the pool; therefore, the pool will be closed beginning March 18. They will also paint other surfaces at the pool, such as the iron perimeter fence and hand railings. Once the pool portion of this large project is complete, they will move to the Rec Center on or about March 25. We will do our best to limit the interruption to your Rec Center usage, but we may need to close entrances/exits as needed. We will keep everyone posted.
4-11-2024 Update - The painting company is completing touch-up work and should be done by April 19.

Basketball Court to Multi-Use Court Conversion - You will also see some activity at the basketball court starting March 25 as the existing basketball court is converted to a multi-use court and lighting is added. The new court surface will have lines for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. The Board of Directors decided to start the existing conversion while we wait for the decision from WCID 1 regarding our request to expand the existing court, allowing us to have one dedicated pickleball court and one multi-use court. Given that the extension would alter the amount of impervious cover and could alter drainage, WCID 1 must carefully review our submittal. Once we have the decision from WCID 1, we will let you all know.
4-1-2024 Update - This project has been delayed due to the need for clarifications with the county regarding the permitting process.

We hope you are as excited about these updates, changes, and projects as we are! As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 512-301-7770 or mhove@ccmcnet.com.