About Belterra

Who does what in Belterra?

Below, you will find an at-a-glance breakdown of who does what in Belterra. For a more comprehensive responsibility breakdown, please click here for the Belterra Responsibility Chart. This chart is updated as needed.

Who came up with HOAs?

HOAs were first established by land developers in the United States in the early to mid-20th century. As a condition of acquiring property in many communities, buyers must join the HOA. HOAs were created with the goal of creating a communal basis for the preservation of property values.
In addition to the Governing Documents, there are several state laws that govern HOAs in the state of Texas, and every two years, new laws or amendments to existing laws are brought forth during the state's legislative session. When you purchased your home, all of the Governing Documents were provided to you via your title company; however, links to all of Belterra's Governing Documents are also available on this website at https://www.belterracommunity.com/governing-documents-1/

What are the Governing Documents?

Governing Documents is a general term to describe all of the legal documents unique to the HOA that bind the HOA and its owners. These documents provide for the legal structure and operation of the community. 
These documents:
  • Define the rights and obligations of both the community association and its owners.
  • Create a binding relationship between each owner and the HOA.
  • Establish the mechanisms for governing and funding the HOA's operations.
  • Set forth rules and standards for the:
    • Protection of both owners and the community.
    • Enhancement of property values.
    • Promotion of harmonious living.

How do decisions get made in Belterra?

Elected by members of the community, the Board of Directors is charged with the ultimate responsibility and authority for operating the HOA on behalf of its owners. The Board of Directors' role is to set the policies, standards, procedures, programs, and budgets for the HOA. These decisions are made, or ratified, during duly noticed Board Meetings. These meetings are noticed to the community via the weekly Belterra Blast.
Decisions by the Community
  • CC&R amendments
  • Board Member elections
Decisions by the Board
  • Vendor engagement/contract negotiations
  • Bylaw amendments
  • New policies/amendments to existing policies
  • Community standards/delinquency hearings
  • AMC appeal/variances

When do I need to submit an AMC application?

Belterra is a planned community located in Hays County, Texas which is subject to the terms and provisions of Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Belterra Community Association, Inc., recorded under Volume 2218, Page 1 in the Official Public Records of Hays County, Texas (the “Declaration”) and those certain Belterra Residential Design Guidelines, recorded under Volume 2218, Page 85, Official Public Records of Hays County, Texas (the “Design Guidelines”). The Lots located in Belterra are subject to the terms and provisions of these Modification Design Guidelines (the “Modification Design Guidelines”).
Each Owner is advised to review all encumbrances affecting the use and improvement of their Lot prior to submitting plans to the Modification Committee for approval.
The Modification Design Guidelines are intended to apply to modifications proposed to be incorporated on a Lot after the completion of residential improvements and after the Lot with a residential improvement constructed thereon has been conveyed by a homebuilder.
Any permanent exterior modification to the lot after the builder has completed the home and sold it to the homeowner will require an AMC application.
Applications and more information, including the Design Guidelines, can be found at https://www.belterracommunity.com/amc/. If you aren't sure if you need to submit an application for your project, contact the HOA office at 512-301-7770.
Examples of permanent exterior modifications:
  • Landscape borders
  • Roof replacement
  • Repainting home
  • Landscaping redesign
  • Pool installation
  • Deck/pergola/pavilion

Can I reserve a Belterra amenity for my gathering or party?

YES! We would love you to host your birthday party, baby shower, meeting, class, or sports practice at Belterra.
Contact Lifestyle Director Byron Harris to confirm the date requested is available, then download the Private Rental Agreement Form and pay the rental fee.