Trail Maps

The Belterra community is approximately 1600 acres and boasts over 17 miles of trails. The link above will open a map showing all of Belterra and its trails.  About 25% of Belterra has been left in its natural state and not developed. Most of the trails are along the roads in Belterra. However, five of the trails are named and are clearly marked with signs. Girl Scout Troop 211 helped develop the signs in 2015. All five of the named trails wind through open fields and woods with wildlife. You’re in the shade about half of the time on all of them. They all pretty much avoid roads and often feel close to nature, even when some homes are nearby and visible. Deer can often be seen when hiking in the early hours. All five are in-out trails that start at the Belterra Rec Center which has a nice parking lot, but it’s possible to combine Live Oak and Monarch as a loop (which is about 1 mile shorter than doing only Live Oak in and out).
Four of the trails are about half crushed granite and half paved concrete. However even the concrete parts wind through woods and open fields. All of the trails are well-maintained and relatively level, except for Live Oak Loop (a 2.1-mile trail that includes about 1.5 miles of slightly rocky natural trail). That stretch of Live Oak feels somewhat like being out in the wilderness.
A thumbnail map of each of the five named trails is shown below. Each of the trails starts at the Belterra Rec Center and signs appear about every quarter mile, making it easy to avoid getting lost. Click on any thumbnail to open a detailed map for that trail.