This is your opportunity to volunteer and help serve your community. If you would like to volunteer your time in making Belterra the best it can be, click the link below and let us know.

Resident Advisory Committee (RAC)

Resident Advisory Committee (RAC)
This committee will:
  • Determine the need for new committees
  • Write new committee charters
  • Recommend new committee establishment to the Board and, upon approval by the Board, recruit volunteers to serve on the new committee.
  • Patricia Ladan - Chair 
  • Jim Howard
  • Steve Hoxie 
  • Kat Williams

Service Provider Value Assurance Committee (SPVAC)

Service Provider Value Assurance Committee (SPVAC)
This committee will:
  • Establish performance criteria for service providers
  • Report to the Board on the performance/value optimization of current service providers
  • Recommend to the board the best practices for formal and informal periodic reviews of service provider performance
  • At the direction of the Board, create and administer requests for proposals.
  • Pete Ogden - Chair 
  • Clement Kichuck - Co-Chair 
  • Diego Suarez
  • Sherry Marlatt 
  • Dawn Simpson

Cove Committee

Cove Committee
This committee will:
  • Identify issues that impact Cove residents and propose solutions
  • Solicity feedback from Cove residents regarding issues
  • Communicate with WCID 2 regarding issue originating from their area of responsibility.
  • Jim Masiak - Chair
  • Ken Crone
  • Jeff Eckert
  • Jim Glazer
  • Steve Segal
  • Helen Anderson
  • Jeff Maurer
  • Jane Heckler
  • Beth Spann
  • Larry Tarver
  • Annette Ramey
  • Sara Eckert

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
This committee will:
  • Identify strategic goals
  • Formulate tactical objectives necessary to achieve each goal along with corresponding metrics
  • Identify tasks and resources required to accomplish each objective
  • Kathryn Williams, Chair
  • Tugrul Savran
  • Steve Hoxie
  • Danny Heidtke
  • Jim Masiak
Belterra needs your help. Please consider volunteering your time, knowledge, and enthusiasm to serve on one of the above committees or call attention to a need that might benefit from a new committee.
In all cases, committee actions, decisions, and recommendations will be informed by and adhere to all legally binding state and local statutes as well as Association Covenants, Declarations, and Bylaws and Values.