Social Clubs

Current Resident Clubs
The following clubs/groups are designed to help you pursue common interests in hobby, recreation, social, service and cultural endeavors, while building community spirit and expanding horizons. Please find the Leaders' information listed below each club/group, who you can contact for more details and/or to join in on the fun!
Bunco Group
Leader: Darlene, 512-609-9947
Belterra Book Club
Leader: Pattie Ferriera, 
Bridge Club
Leader: Saryu Parikh, 512-712-5170
Belterra Bikers
Leader: Michael Whirlow,
Establishing New Resident Clubs
The following clubs/groups have generated interest with our residents. If you would like to volunteer to be a group leader, you will be the point of contact for the social club.
Mountain Biking 
Card Night 
Trailblazers Running Club 
Community Volunteer Club 
Golf Club 
Wine Club 
If you and your neighbors are interested in starting other clubs or interests group, submit your ideas to